Published: Fri, September 14, 2018
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THREATENING STORM: Hurricane Florence makes landfall in North Carolina

THREATENING STORM: Hurricane Florence makes landfall in North Carolina

No active-duty troops are expected to take part in law enforcement missions in hurricane-affected areas, said Assistant Defense Secretary for Homeland Defense and Global Security Kenneth Rapuano. Wareheim made a decision to ride out the storm at home after buying a generator this week.

JAMES CITY, North Carolina - After a night of torrential rain, devastating wind and risky storm surges, the damage that Hurricane Florence brought to the Carolina coast is only now starting to fully reveal itself. Here are snapshots of people struggling to cope with the slow-grinding storm.

Emergency declarations were in force in Georgia, South and North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Pat Reilly of neighboring Mt.

More than 60 people had to be pulled from a collapsing motel at the height of the storm, and many more who defied evacuation orders were hoping to be rescued. The homes of about 10 million were under watches or warnings for the hurricane or tropical storm conditions.

"I love a good storm. I haven't left for any of them over the years", he said. Heavy rainfall began after dark. "Trees are blowing down in the wind".

Steve Wareheim says his home in Shallotte, North Carolina, is holding up as Hurricane Florence creeps closer. Millions were expected to lose power from the storm and restoration could take weeks. "I have no generator", said Petra Langston, a nurse. "That may be a while".

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has also issued pre-approval for area base commanders to deploy support and aid to their surrounding communities as the storm passes through.

Wareheim said so far the wind has only knocked down branches and limbs small enough to be carried.

"We've got to quickly understand the damage that's been done to the transportation systems, the communication systems, the power systems, and we are positioning, and have bene positioned for multiple days now, to get those critical lifelines back up and stable as quickly as we can", he said.

In its 1200 GMT advisory, the center said Florence was packing winds of 90 miles per hour (150 kph) and moving northwest at six miles per hour (10 kilometers per hour).

It is forecast to make landfall near Cape Fear, North Carolina, at midday Friday. At this time, Florence was a Category 1 hurricane.

In April, The State newspaper in Columbia reported that an Army investigation had faulted Fort Jackson officials' handling of a 2015 storm that caused an 80-year-old earthen dam to crumble and release 100 million gallons of water. If anything, we are more than likely going to have a power outage.

As she sat in the hotel lobby eating a cold breakfast of bananas, cereal bars, and pastries, she recalled that the decision to heed the mandatory evacuation order for her area wasn't hard.

"It looks heavy outside", she said.

NewsHour has also published maps of flooding predictions for the coast.

She wasn't as lucky when a property she owns in Florida was heavily damaged by Hurricane Irma previous year. "We're able", he said. "She came and she went, and it trashed everything inside".

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