Published: Fri, September 14, 2018

Watch Missy Elliott Surprise Her 'Funky White Sister' on 'Ellen'

Watch Missy Elliott Surprise Her 'Funky White Sister' on 'Ellen'

In August, a woman by the name of Mary Halsey went viral for her excellent karaoke performance of Missy Elliott's song "Work It". On The Ellen Show this week, Ellen DeGeneres brought together Halsey and the iconic rapper for a surprise meeting.

Even though Mary admitted that she had been singing this song for 17 years, she only recently gained attention when she was singing at Rhode Island's Goddard Park karaoke competition.

Last month, Missy reacted to a video of her "Funky White Sister" performing her own version of "Work It", complete with sound effects and everything. "I put it out there and said, 'You want to go viral?' But I never thought it would happen". The reaction was so positive that she continued to perform the tune over the years. "Mary is one of the sweetest souls I met".

Of course, Missy had nothing but incredible things to say about Mary's skills - and gushed about what she loved about Mary's rendition. Halsey seems to have the wind knocked out of her for a few seconds before performing a duet with Elliott. "And so, I heard my rap going backwards, and I said, 'Keep it, and I'll make words around that part.' And that's what made me say, 'Flip it and reverse it'". "I thought it was the most wonderful thing".

"When she first said, 'Missy's funky white sister, ' I'm like, 'Who is this?!'" said Missy. But halfway through the song, everyone was in for a shock when Elliott herself joined Halsey onstage to finish it off.

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