Published: Sun, September 16, 2018
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At least 4 dead as Florence downgraded to Tropical Storm

At least 4 dead as Florence downgraded to Tropical Storm

The White House said Friday U.S. President Donald Trump will travel to areas hit by Hurricane Florence next week, once it has been determined that his travel would not disrupt any rescue or recovery efforts. Trump has said, without evidence, that death total is not accurate.

We moved all the furniture up in case the water comes in but the water seems to be staying at the edge of the driveway, he said, adding that if the wind picks up and the rain keeps coming, that could change.

Officials said some 1.7 million people in the Carolinas and Virginia were warned to evacuate, but it's unclear how many did. More than 80 people died as a result of that storm, according to officials. One report was of a 10-foot surge in New Bern, North Carolina, the National Weather Service said. "Our focus now is getting people away from immediate danger".

By Friday night the center of the storm had moved to eastern SC, about 15 miles northeast of Myrtle Beach, with maximum sustained winds of 70 mph.

Florence will crawl across SC overnight.

Besides federal and state emergency crews, rescuers were being helped by volunteers from the "Cajun Navy" who also turned up in Houston during Hurricane Harvey to carry out water rescues.

He said "24 to 36 hours remain for significant threats" from heavy rain, storm surges and flooding.

In Wilmington, near where the eye of the hurricane touched down, trees and power lines were felled and many windows were broken.

"In addition to the ongoing, unsafe storm surge and flash flooding, will be a long-term river flood threat WELL INLAND as very heavy rainfall continues to fall in the coming days". In the port city of Wilmington, residents awoke to the sound of power transformers blowing up, plunging homes into darkness as Hurricane Florence's howling winds whipped through the streets sending metal signs, water and debris flying.

In Wilmington, Mason Tarr said he spent the night at a friend's house but didn't sleep well.

"Our house is on high ground so we're not anxious about the flooding", he said.

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