Published: Sun, September 16, 2018

Canadian pot smokers can face lifetime ban from U.S.

Canadian pot smokers can face lifetime ban from U.S.

Owen told online news outlet Politico that the USA will continue to enforce its prohibition come Oct 17, when recreational Cannabis becomes legal.

"Working or having involvement in the legal marijuana industry in U.S. states where it is deemed legal or Canada may affect an individual's admissibility to the U.S.", Mike Niezgoda, a spokesman at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection office in Buffalo, said in an email.

Thousands of Canadians have invested in the cannabis companies, which are publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Under the policy, USA officials are to bar entry to Canadians who acknowledge having consumed marijuana at any time in their past, as well as those who are either employed or invested in legal cannabis enterprises.

Canadian Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale has often said he's working with USA law enforcement to clarify the changes and make sure the border remains smooth. "We already notice somewhat of a trend of some people not going to the USA", said Silver.

So what to do when you want to cross the border?

Consider that, after October 17, someone travelling from Canada (where marijuana is legal) to Washington State or Vermont (where marijuana is also legal) could still be stopped at the border, prohibited from entering the United States, and banned from the country for life.

"Our officers are not going to be asking everyone whether they have used marijuana, but if other questions lead there - or if there is a smell coming from the vehicle, they might ask", the official said.

Owen says if a traveller is asked about past use use, he shouldn't lie. Owen said if travelers lie about past drug use during questioning, that's "fraud and misrepresentation, which carries a lifetime ban".

Typically, travellers will be given the opportunity to "voluntary withdraw" from the border, or they face an "expedited removal".

Anyone subject to a lifetime ban from entering the United States can apply for a waiver, though that costs more than $500.

"We don't recognize that as a legal business", the official said, adding that marijuana investors from Israel have already been turned away.

Owen's comments confirm anecdotal evidence over the past year that the tough measures were coming.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau downplayed the matter on Tuesday, though he has said publicly he has smoked pot.

"Every country has the right to judge who gets to come into their borders or not".

Although you may not be denied entry simply for having a job that's legal in Canada, marijuana executives who work with US companies may be seen as being engaged in criminal activity, Chang said.

In the USA, recreational marijuana is legal in nine states and Washington, D.C., while medical marijuana is legal in more than two dozen states.

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