Published: Sun, September 16, 2018

Dallas Police Affidavit Contradicts Police Officer's Account of Botham Jean Shooting

Dallas Police Affidavit Contradicts Police Officer's Account of Botham Jean Shooting

The Fox headline and the promotion that marijuana was seized at Jean's apartment recalls the many instances where irrelevant information has been spread about black men and children after they have been shot by police as a means of casting doubt on their victimhood.

In addition, Dallas News reports, Amber Guyger is only leave from the police department and allegedly "Dallas police aren't ready to discuss whether she will keep her job as an officer". The researchers called the convenience store focus a "micro-invalidation" in Brown's death, arguing "this report of him robbing a convenience store took precedent to the overall narrative of an unarmed young Black male being shot several times by a police officer".

Jean's death 10 days ago is the latest in a long line of police killings, but one slight consolation is that the extreme circumstances of it have at least served to highlight the troubling recourse to deadly violence that is an all-too-common...

Jean was killed September 6 at the South Side Flats apartment complex when Guyger mistook his apartment for her own and shot him.

It has been the standard practice of the department to await indictment by a grand jury before firing police officers, although there have been situations in the past where an officer was sacked prior to the grand jury's decision. The lengths the Dallas police going to in order to make sure that narrative fits Botham Jean are so over the top that it would be laughable if we weren't talking about an unspeakable tragedy.

Sammie Berry, an elder and pulpit minister at Jean's church, said the family can not rest until justice is served and Guyger is punished "to the fullest extent of the law".

The march, which appeared to be peaceful, began with a rally outside Dallas police headquarters Friday evening.

Guyger has been arrested for manslaughter and is out on bond.

Mulder and other legal experts say investigators would not want to risk evidence being thrown out because they did not include it in the search warrant. "And, for it to be released this day, I don't believe in coincidences", Merritt told NBC DFW.

When she put her key in the apartment door, which was unlocked and slightly ajar, it opened, the affidavit said.

The news conference Friday came after it was revealed in a search warrant that a small amount of marijuana had been found in Jean's apartment. She then drew her weapon and fired twice, the affidavit said.

"I'm confident this district attorney's office is taking this case seriously", he said. I want to find out whether her apartment has been searched, whether her vehicle has been searched, and also on the Saturday when we spoke to the Texas Ranger he was saying that there was no reason in his mind that she ought to have been locked up. His mother asked people to stop "smearing" her son's name.

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