Published: Sun, September 16, 2018
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MacOS Mojave Official Release Coming on September 24

MacOS Mojave Official Release Coming on September 24

The company is also presenting the new iOS 12 as a system that will make iPhone and iPad experiences faster and more responsive. If the official announcement of the latest iOS update has you in a mild panic, worrying about having to figure out a new system just as you've sorted out the old one, have no fear: there are a handful of new, helpful, and easy-to-use features to keep an eye out for.

Arriving a week after iOS 12, which will be released to the unwashed masses on 17 September, macOS Mojave will be supported by virtually every Mac device that has shipped since mid-2012. It brings in host of new features and capabilities.

Although the update technically goes live on 17 September, keenos who want to try out the hottest Apple features will be able to download a beta version of the software from Thursday. Of course, there will be new Emoji, but the interest in them will show the minimum number of consumers.

iOS 12 focuses on improved performance on older devices, and indeed, it's supported by all of the devices that supported iOS 11. Using the new Shortcuts app (which is basically the Workflow app created to work with Siri), users can program Siri to do tasks such as ordering coffee while on the way home, locking or unlocking the front door, turning lamps on, and playing some music.

The new mobile operating system will have some significant changes, including how notifications are displayed, updates to the Photos app, and a new augmented-reality Measure app to take measurements with only your iPhone camera.

You have verified, through community comments or discussions with developers, that your essential apps-particularly utilities!-will run properly in Mojave.

First, there's a new Screen Time feature. Similar to the Health app, Screen Time will also give a breakdown of usage by certain apps. More power to you!

Notification grouping on the lock screen: Push notifications will be stacked and grouped by app and topic.

Markup has been added to Quick Look too, so now when you highlight a file and press the space bar, you have the option to access to Apple's editing tools. Parents will be able to get activity reports from their children's iPhones or iPads, and impose time limits on apps from games and news to social media and messaging.

However, if you're more on the cautious side, or if you truly depend on your devices to work properly, here's our advice on when you should think about installing these new versions. Siri can also tell you nutrition information about food courtesy of information from the USDA database. Siri will help you do all of that.

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