Published: Sun, September 16, 2018

Storm Helene heads for North East - yellow weather warning issued

Storm Helene heads for North East - yellow weather warning issued

The rain will be heavy too with strengthening southerly winds.Present indications are that, ex tropical storm "Helene" will push northwards over Ireland on Monday night.

But Helene is still due to bring unseasonably warm weather in London and the south east due as the low pressure draws up warm air from the south.

Some damage to trees is possible, such as large branches or even whole trees falling in a few places.

"The exact track of the storm will determine where the strongest winds will fall and there will be regular updates as this unfolds, now there is a strong signal that the strong winds will affect Waterford and the counties of south Leinster".

And while we are not expecting those in the immediate future, ex Tropical Storm Helene will be giving us a potential lash of its tail and Donegal could very well get some of that.

They add that suitable warnings will be issued if necessary.

"The storm is expected to move quickly through the region clearing the rain overnight". Winds predominantly from the southwest will often be strong.

Bizarrely temperatures could surge to 27C as we approach October. Highest temperatures of 15 to 18 degrees.

"Often windy, yes, there's going to be some rain at times, but it will feel humid for many in the south".

Thursday is now looking like the better of the days with rain clearing to showers and winds easing light southwest to west for a time. As has been so common of late, the southeast corner will keep out of trouble, and keep the warmest temperatures with highs heading up toward the mid-twenties.

"There will be a dry and sunny start for England and Wales".

According to the national forecaster, much of tonight will be dry with clear spells.

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