Published: Wed, September 19, 2018

Weather Channel Defends Reporter Accused of Exaggerating Hurricane Wind

Weather Channel Defends Reporter Accused of Exaggerating Hurricane Wind

As Hurricane Florence made landfall in North Carolina on Friday, veteran meteorologist with the Weather Channel, Mike Seidel, was among the dozens of broadcast journalists who put themselves in the direct path of the deadly storm.

Weather reporters covering Hurricane Florence no doubt dealt with hammering wind, driving rain, and charging storm surge.

The video, which shows the Weather Channel's Mike Seidel appearing to be nearly swept away by gusty winds from Hurricane Florence as two people walk casually by behind him, has received global attention for his "Oscar-worthy" performance.

In a scene that could've been scripted for comedy sketch, The Weather Channel's Mike Seidel is taking some ribbing for this incident. But then, two men enter the frame behind him and seem to have no trouble walking around.

Since being shared online just 12 hours ago, the video has collected over 10 million views and more than 3 lakh "likes" on Twitter alone.

The amusing clip of reporter Paul Goodloe went viral on Twitter on Friday after it was posted by @gourdnibler with the caption, "So dramatic!"

Many are calling him out on social media calling him "fake news".

The video shows The Weather Channel's Mike Seidel reporting from Wilmington in North Carolina, USA, reports AJC. According to a Washington Post report, Seidel was trying to "maintain his footing on wet grass" whereas the other two people were walking on "concrete".

The tropical storm Florence continued to cause destruction with fierce winds and floods at North Carolina, US, on Saturday.

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