Published: Fri, September 21, 2018

Google's Doodle pays homage to Mister Rogers. See the heartwarming tribute

Google's Doodle pays homage to Mister Rogers. See the heartwarming tribute

Rogers died in 2003 at age 74, but the iconic children's entertainer is still with us: all 856 episodes of his classic show are available to watch for free on livestreaming site Twitch.

Rogers profoundly understood the power of his medium, saying, "Through television we have a great chance to show and tell our children that they really matter".

Rogers' career in children's TV programming began in 1954 as a puppeteer on The Children's Corner, a live afternoon TV show that laid the groundwork for numerous characters he would use in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, including Daniel Tiger and X the Owl. "This stroll through the Neighborhood is delightful, and Fred's gentle kindness is beautifully captured in the Doodle".

"Mister Rogers Neighborhood" debuted on September 21, 1967 on WQED, but it wasn't until February 1968 that the show would premiere nationally on PBS. Rogers was both a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh's Graduate School of Child Development and an ordained Presbyterian minister who used the media as his pulpit.

Friday marked the 51st anniversary of the date Rogers taped the first episode of what would turn into a 33-year run on public television.

"Fred was so radical, and he was so on the forefront", Cathy Cohen Droz, the director of special projects for Fred Rogers Productions, says in a special "Behind the Doodle" video.

The video was created in collaboration with some of those who knew him best-the Fred Rogers Center, Fred Rogers Productions, and BixPix Entertainment.

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