Published: Fri, September 21, 2018
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IBM Launches 'AI Fairness 360' To Detect Bias In Artificial Intelligence

IBM Launches 'AI Fairness 360' To Detect Bias In Artificial Intelligence

The software service, which runs on the IBM Cloud, helps businesses manage AI models from IBM along with those built on frameworks from its competitors - such as Amazon and Microsoft - by explaining how AI makes decisions as the algorithms run.

The company's Trust and Transparency capabilities will also be able to scan for any signs of bias in AI software and recommend adjustments that can be made.

"IBM led the industry in establishing Trust and Transparency principles for the development of new AI technologies".

The good news is that IBM has now added bias detection to its IBM Cloud solution. "It's created to translate algorithmic research from the lab into the actual practice of domains as wide-ranging as finance, human capital management, healthcare, and education", they outlined.

The Kit is supposed to analyze how the machine-learning algorithms make their decisions in real-time and work out if and how they are being biased on accident, by, for example, not identifying correctly people who are not white in photographs. The explanations are provided in easy to understand terms and show which factors led to one decision or another.

Besides detecting automated decisions, it will also keep track of the accuracy, fairness, performance, and lineage of the system.

The AI Fairness 360 is available for download via GitHub and offers a library of novel algorithms, code and tutorials to provide academics, researchers and data scientists a system to avoid black box thinking and enhance AI deployments at scale.

According to IBM, the open-source software tracks the decision making of AI systems in real time which means it "potentially unfair outcomes as they occur".

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