Published: Mon, September 24, 2018
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Alexa Makes Her Way into Your Car with the new Echo Auto

Alexa Makes Her Way into Your Car with the new Echo Auto

Amazon wants you to have an Echo device for every possible use, so that you can use Alexa in every possible instance you can think of. It is worth adding that after making a mark in the smart speaker segment, these new devices are likely to make Amazon big in the smart home and connected devices segment, directly proving a threat to companies like Xiaomi that is also working on the same front.

Amazon just announced the addition of four new audio products in its Echo lineup. It will feature an improved speaker system alongside its 10-inch HD screen, which can be used to stream videos and make video calls.

Amazon went back to drawing board and brought a new Echo Dot.

An avalanche of Echo devices for the home, built around and connected to its virtual assistant Alexa, landed Thursday in a press event at the company's urban botanical garden complex in Seattle. You can ask Alexa to check the news, play your favourite music, ask for sports scores, find out what is on TV that evening, or even find out restaurant hours or information, among plenty of other requests.

We already know that Amazon is looking to kill the Alexa Skill as we know it, and these new smarts will help evolve the assistant into more of a conversationalist. That was the basis of its shopping model, and that philosophy has made it all the way to the latest batch of devices like the Amazon Echo Dot and brand-new Amazon Echo Input. Amazon announced that all Echo devices will be compatible with the music service later this year.

The clock - which Amazon said will automatically change the hour for daylight savings time - will sell for $30.

Amazon on Thursday teased a coming feature called Alexa Hunches that is created to infuse the digital assistant with intuition.

During the launch, Amazon demoed the Echo Sub with a pair of Echo Plus speakers and the volume did get loud enough for a room with around 50-100 people. The company today unveiled Echo Input, its first Echo device without a speaker.

The Echo Plus has received a similar fabric makeover, and now has added temperature-gauging capabilities while maintaining its $150 price tag.

Essentially, Amazon has been able to class up its entry-level device for better listening and a better aesthetic without altering the price.

Meanwhile, the new Echo Plus-priced at $149.99-offers "more powerful" and "clearer" sound with stronger bass, Amazon said.

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