Published: Tue, September 25, 2018

U.N. debut for New Zealand's 'First Baby': diaper change, peace summit

U.N. debut for New Zealand's 'First Baby': diaper change, peace summit

"UNderage. Jacinda Ardern makes history with baby Neve at United Nations general assembly", declared Britain's The Guardian.

The New Zealand Prime Minister was pictured cuddling up to her baby daughter on Monday evening, before she spoke at the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit.

Ardern is breastfeeding and can not be away from her baby for extended periods She was grateful for Gayford's help.

She made her debut speech at the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit, where she highlighted the former South African leader's "profound impact" on her country.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern proved she is the ultimate doting mother to daughter Neve, as she made history by bringing the newborn to the United Nations general assembly meeting on Monday.

Her partner Clarke Gayford held the three-month-old as she and the other leaders spoke. A short time later the pair announced they were expecting their first child.

He also joked about giving the Japanese delegation a fright when they walked into a meeting room in the middle of a nappy change.

Ardern's partner Clarke Gayford - a fishing television presenter - is Neve's primary carer, and has travelled with Ardern to NY to look after the baby.

"Prime Minister Ardern is showing that no one is better qualified to represent her country than a working mother, United Nations spokesman Stephane Dujarric told Reuters".

Her partner Gayford shared a picture earlier on Monday of Neve's United Nations diplomatic photo ID for the annual gathering of world leaders in NY this week, which classified her as "New Zealand first baby". "Great yarn for her 21st", he wrote.

"Ardern has earned a reputation as a frugal leader who recently froze MPs salaries for a year and makes her ministers carpool to events", it said.

NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern holds her daughter Neve after addressing the UN.

Dad on duty: Clarke Gayford, partner of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, carries their daughter Neve. "Just 5 per cent of the world's leaders are women, so we need to make them as welcome here as possible", he said. So next time you feel sheepish about having to leave work early to pick up a sick child, ask yourself: "what would Jacinda do?" the piece concluded.

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