Published: Fri, October 05, 2018
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More Birds Are Getting Drunk This Year, MN Town Advises Residents

More Birds Are Getting Drunk This Year, MN Town Advises Residents

Hilariously, the Gilbert Police Department has received so many calls regarding suspicious birds that it was forced to issue a statement telling residents to relax and let the birds do their thing.

Drunk birds have been known to have difficultly flying.

Apparently, the birds are getting boozed up from berries that fermented earlier than usual due to an early frost. "They're just careless and they're not looking for cars or other obstacles". One woman recalled having to put her foot to the brakes when a bird collided with her windshield, while another commenter said she noticed three dead birds lying on her deck. Or, more specifically, berries that froze, causing the starch they contain to convert to sugar, which in turn fermented when the berries thawed.

Numerous species who have overindulged on the boozy berries traditionally fly south for winter, leading them to gorge on the fruit in a bid to build up fat for the journey.

"Police added", Generally, younger bird's liver can't handle the toxins as efficiently as more mature birds.

How does a bird get drunk? Police did note, however, that witnesses should be in touch if they see "Big bird operating a motor vehicle in an unsafe manner" or "Woodstock pushing Snoopy off the doghouse for no apparent reason". Meaning, the birds are eating the berries and getting hammered.

Techar said the birds would sober up themselves, and that there was no need for locals to call police if they found one.

Similar finds were made in 2011 in Cumbria, England, after the bodies of 12 common blackbirds appeared near a primary school.

Any other birds after midnight with Taco Bell items.

Because as anyone recovering from a gnarly bender regrettably knows, time is often the only true remedy for a bad hangover-whether tequila or fermented berry-induced.

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