Published: Sun, October 07, 2018
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Development chances high for tropical disturbance in Gulf

Development chances high for tropical disturbance in Gulf

"Nate also did $225 million in damage in the U.S. The name Nate was retired after the 2017 season because of its impact on Central America, where 46 people died".

The storm system forming in the southeastern Gulf of Mexico may be nothing, forecasters say.

A tropical wave dubbed "Invest 91 L" is gaining strength in the Caribbean Sea this morning and will likely become a tropical depression by the end of the weekend or early this upcoming week.

"Environmental conditions could become less hostile this weekend and early next week, allowing for some slow development in this region as the system drifts northwestward", The Hurricane Center stated in the advisory. The chance of development within 48 hours is zero, according to the latest forecast models update on Tuesday.

Fishing, shipping and oilfield interests in the Gulf, as well as coastal areas, should monitor the storm's progress, Kottlowski said.

Hurricane season started June 1 and continues through November 30.

Florida isnt included in that list of places.

There remains no threat to land as the hurricane continues to pace around in the open Atlantic waters. Consider that Hurricane Sandy hit the northern East Coast on October 29 from the Atlantic, making landfall near Atlantic City, New Jersey.

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