Published: Mon, October 08, 2018

At least 50 dead, 100 burned in Congo tanker truck fire

At least 50 dead, 100 burned in Congo tanker truck fire

Deputy Governor of Kongo Central province, Atou Matubuana Nkuluki said: "We are mourning the death of about 50 people".

The accident happened in the village of Mbuba, not far from Kisantu city and about 200 kilometres (124 miles) southwest of the capital, Kinshasa.

The fire quickly spread to nearby homes, Congo's health ministry said in a statement.

South Africa officially conveyed its condolences on Sunday to the government and people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo where dozens of people died and were burnt when a tanker truck collided with a bus.

Seven others with grievous burn injuries died at the Saint-Luc hospital in Kisantu, a nearby city, he said. Notably, the Kinshasa-Matada highway is an arterial roadway of Congo which witnesses scores of overloaded trucks and oil tankers plying regularly.

"We are trying to help them, we are trying to rehydrate them but sadly there are those who are dying", Doctor Tresor said. A witness said he had not seen any ambulance at the site.

"Two mobile clinics are evacuating the injured", he said.

"No ambulance and no hospital worthy of its name in Kisantu".

In 2010, 220 people were killed when an overturned oil tanker exploded and set fire to parts of a village in the country.

However, the pro-democracy group Lucha criticised the response the lack of ambulances in a tweet.

Roads in the country are poor due to years of war.

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