Published: Mon, October 08, 2018

Trump went up the ramp with toilet paper on his Shoe

Trump went up the ramp with toilet paper on his Shoe

It looked to be a piece of toilet paper or a napkin and the president looked to be completely oblivious to it.

United States President Donald Trump had to go through a little embarrassment while boarding his plane to address a rally in Minnesota State of US.

Well, now that everyone's had a good laugh, just one question remains: Can you spare a square?

Yesterday was mostly a nightmare, but at least President Trump gave us this small gift of allowing himself to be filmed climbing the stairs of Air Force One with toilet paper stuck to his shoe. When the president reached the top of the stairs, he turned back to wave at the crowd.

Another commenting on how the paper didn't want to leave the shoe.

Four other people walked up the steps after Trump. The last person spotted the piece of paper caught between beneath the door and picked it up with his bare hands. POTUS was recently seen climbing up the steps to Air Force One, when someone spotted a white paper stuck to the USA president's left heel.

The reactions on Twitter has been very mixed with one user saying that whoever failed to mention it to him should be fired.

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