Published: Mon, October 08, 2018
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Walking Dead: The Final Season Will Continue After Massive Telltale Layoffs

Walking Dead: The Final Season Will Continue After Massive Telltale Layoffs

When Telltale announced the "majority studio closure", it seems likely that some of the affected staffers on The Walking Dead team sought other work.

Ahead of Saturday's announcement, Kirkman signaled at New York Comic Con that there was likely good news coming for fans of the game's protagonist, Clementine. It reads, "We're SO happy to announce that we've reached a deal with @telltalegames that will allow Skybound to continue #TheWalkingDead: The Final Season!".

Telltale was in the middle of releasing new episodes for The Walking Dead: The Final Season, the closing chapter on its Skybound comic book adaption that first put the studio on the map in 2012.

"We're now ironing out some of the details as this is a pretty major deal, so we'll have more info on the who/what/where/when/how very soon as those details are finalized", the studio said.

After the announcement that Telltale Games would be closing up shop and ceasing production on almost all of its projects, fans of the episodic game series The Walking Dead were left wondering if their years-long journey would end with no conclusion.

While Skybound and Telltale have made no mention as to when the next episode for The Walking Dead: The Final Season will come out, fans can rest easy knowing that Clementine's story is not yet done and they can look forward to continuing the story with Skybound at the helm.

Few details are available, but Skybound's announcement suggests the company will be working with members of the original Telltale team to complete The Final Season.

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