Published: Tue, October 09, 2018
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Lawsuit alleges Antonio Brown threw furniture from 14th floor, almost hit toddler

Lawsuit alleges Antonio Brown threw furniture from 14th floor, almost hit toddler

According to the lawsuit, Amnon Sternberg and his grandfather had been walking near the pool when large and heavy objects, including two vases, an ottoman and other pieces of furniture started to fall from the building from many floors above them for several minutes.

According to court documents, Brown is accused of throwing furniture from the 14th story balcony of a Florida apartment building, which almost hit a 22-month-old child.

Brown, a Miami native in his ninth National Football League season, has until Thursday to respond to the lawsuit, KDKA reports. Cops found the women who said they had been hired and authorized by someone claiming to be Brown's representative. The lawsuit claims that he missed the pair by "a mere foot or two".

We reached out to Brown's agent for comment - but haven't heard back. He said his child was traumatized by the incident and has been experiencing night terrors ever since. It says surveillance video clearly shows objects falling from the balcony and almost striking the two people on the ground.

Brown also caused extensive damage to his own unit at the apartment complex "in a fit of rage", the lawsuit alleges.

Security and police were called to the scene and determined the items came from Brown's place - and the whole thing was captured on surveillance video.

Brown says his 9mm firearm was also gone.

According to one complaint, Brown damaged a $35,000, fully furnished unit that he began renting in February and refused to pay for the damages.

The Steelers also declined to comment on that litigation.

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