Published: Tue, October 09, 2018

Venom set to take a massive bite out of the box office

Venom set to take a massive bite out of the box office

But it seems to have resonated much more with moviegoers: it has a B+ score from viewers on CinemaScore, and in the U.S. it easily shattered Gravity's record to earn the best October opening of all time.

Internationally, Venom earned $125.2 million, making for a total pull of $205.2 million.

Deadline reports that Ruben Fleischer's film made $32.3 million on Friday and is heading towards a $77-$80 million weekend. And that's without China, where a premiere date is still set to be announced. Despite mostly negative critical reviews, audiences are showing up for Venom, and they're liking what they see.

Despite receiving a bad critical score (31% rotten), Venom now holds an 88% "fresh" score on Rotten Tomatoes, while "A Star Is Born" has received a 92% fresh critic score on the website.

Oh and, one more bit of good news for this arguably bad movie - the next live action superhero flick, "Aquaman" doesn't hit the silver screen until December giving "Venom" lots of breathing room to collect as many box office dollars as possible.

Lady Gaga and a popular Spider-Man villain managed to scare up blockbuster ticket sales in October, a month not known for big returns.

A Star Is Born is based on the eponymous 1937 film, which was directed by William Wellmam.

While "A Star Is Born" didn't break any box office records on its own, it did help make the last three days the best weekend in October history at the box office.

The third movie in the Rowan Atkinson-starring spy comedy opened to £4.1 million, over a million more than Bradley Cooper's drama.

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