Published: Wed, October 10, 2018

Busy Philipps says James Franco assaulted her while filming "Freaks and Geeks"

Busy Philipps says James Franco assaulted her while filming

In her upcoming memoir, "This Will Only Hurt a Little" (released on October 16), actor Busy Philipps alleges that James Franco shouted at her and pushed her to the ground on the set of cult TV series 'Freaks and Geeks' in 1999. In an excerpt first published by Radar, Philipps wrote that when she was 19, she was filming a scene in which she was directed to lightly hit Franco on the chest.

"He grabbed both my arms and screamed in my face, 'DON'T EVER TOUCH ME AGAIN!'" Philipps writes in her book. Flat on my back. "Wind knocked out of me", she wrote, calling her former co-star a "f**king bully". "It's taken me 25 years to say those words". Philipps says Franco apologized to her the next day after he was forced to by the show's producers and director. "I have struggled with this thing for 25 years, and I guess I just wanted to add my name to the chorus of people saying that they believe her and that what she's doing is so incredibly fearless". After watching the scene on tape, Franco told Philipps his behavior "was pretty mean".

In the actress' new biography, This Will Only Hurt a Little, Philipps reportedly says Franco was a "f***ing bully" when they were on the show. At one point he apologized to me. It's worth noting that in a 2016 interview, she told the same story but said the two are friends now and that's all in the past.

The actress recalled the incident, in less detail, during a Paley Fest cast reunion in 2011 (which Franco wasn't present for), but the conversation quickly pivoted. However, he wasn't formally punished for physically assaulting Philipps.

This allegation comes on the heels of allegations of sexual misconduct against the actor earlier this year, when five women spoke out against him to the Los Angeles Times. All of us. I'm scared to post this.

Franco hasn't responded to media requests about Philipps' accusation, and his publicists did not immediately reply to a request for comment from HuffPost. "I can't imagine what Dr. Ford is feeling right now".

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