Published: Wed, October 10, 2018

DC Comics hires James Gunn after Disney fires him

DC Comics hires James Gunn after Disney fires him

Director James Gunn is reported to be in talks with DC to write and direct the next Suicide Squad film.

Fans have already been speculating which DC Comics characters Bautista could possibly play in the Suicide Squad 2.

In late July, the 52-year-old filmmaker was abruptly dropped by Disney when a series of decade-old tweets were released by conservative news outlet the Daily Caller.

This would be a huge get for DC as the first film wasn't exactly considered a critical darling, but if Gunn gets at the helm, anything is possible.

As of yet, no replacement director has been announced for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. He has said that working for Disney has been "pretty nauseating" and has questioned his return to the third installment of the Guardians franchise, which has been put on hold since Gunn's firing.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that "inside sources" claim that Gunn is now not wanting to develop a "sequel" to the franchise, rather, he will be creating a new take on the DC film entirely. Gunn could potentially use his proven talents in this very specific genre to creatively level up the franchise for D.C. and Warner Bros.

Sony also announced today that its Gunn-produced project BrightBurn has been moved from November 30, 2018 to May 24, 2019 - a plum Memorial Day spot that seems to indicate the studio is optimistic about the movie. The first Suicide Squad movie notably tried to ape the success of Guardians Of The Galaxy in its marketing and with its soundtrack, taking a random selection of classic rock tunes and throwing them over scenes seemingly at random. Seeing how Suicide Squad is abhorred while the Academy Award-nominated/losing Guardians films are celebrated, this move is overall unusual and a bit confusing, but seeing how DC and WB also got the freaking Avengers director in an attempt to "fix" Justice League, it makes sense from the studio's perspective.

Gavin O'Connor wrote the previous draft of the Suicide Squad sequel, though it isn't known if his draft will be retained in any form. The studio is likely going to experiment with an R-rating for the upcoming Joker solo movie, so perhaps it'll give Gunn a chance to take the Suicide Squad to some even more mature places with this sequel.

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