Published: Wed, October 10, 2018
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Local calls to end stigma this Mental Health Week

Local calls to end stigma this Mental Health Week

Participants in Strides Against Stigma-who received fluorescent blue T-shirts with a $25 donation-walked the perimeter of Urbana's Meadowbrook Park, followed by a raffle and food. "And I actually shared the story with a couple of mom friends of mine and said, 'Can you believe this is actually a thing?'"

Mental Health has always been a topic of low discussion. "We're here today to support him and his family".

Those interested can take action by educating themselves about mental health and recognize the signs of mental health issues.

Academy manager Byron Anthony said: "It's well documented these days in regards of the mental health, not just in football but in general society".

"It's about people thinking about each other and making sure that everyone is okay". We're walking to Mars!

Striking up conversation about someone's mental health can be a daunting prospect.

Since last semester, Kehe and her executive counterparts have been collaboratively working with their chapter sponsor Diane Zell (who serves on the NAMI-Champaign chapter) to effectively execute their first chapter-led event. "Yet despite the universality of the issue, we struggle to talk about it openly or to offer adequate care or resources".

Zell, who formerly served as a local high school psychology teacher, has been volunteering for over 10 years and now serves on the NAMI state board, where she dedicates much of her time to awareness and consultation practices.

"We recognise and respect the effect that poor mental health has on the community", she said.

"The reason I got involved was that I have a loved one who lives with it", Zell said.

"The process we're trying to develop and everything we're trying to do is just with an eye toward reducing stigma, increasing awareness and getting students access to more care", Cowley said. "There is clear evidence to show that early intervention is crucial, so those insurers and employers who do not now offer this type of support should be asking themselves 'why not?'"

It is important to highlight the difference between mental health and a mental health condition. "Being involved in an RSO where mental health is a priority is really important to me". Lack of transportation, housing, employment and a strong support system have a major impact on health outcomes - especially for those with mental illness - and when lacking, can make it especially hard to get proper medical care.

The PsychMG said the 2011 Youth Risk Behaviour Survey (YRBS) found that a quarter of grade 8-11 pupils across all South Africa's provinces had felt so sad or hopeless that they could not engage in their usual daily activities for two weeks or more. "There aren't enough counselors on campus". Why is it that while most of us feel quite confident talking to family and friends about our physical aches and pains, we are not so comfortable to talk about our mental health?

"Mental illness does not discriminate", Zell said.

Yet despite these challenges, a great deal of mental health conditions were both preventable and treatable, especially if we start looking after our mental health at an early age, he said. Treatments are available for the millions of mentally ill Americans but according to the NIMH, four out of five people with mental illness never seek professional help.

According to experts, compared with adults, young people have less favourable attitudes towards people with mental illness.

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