Published: Wed, October 10, 2018
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Sony planning Backward Compatibility for PS5 [Rumor]

Sony planning Backward Compatibility for PS5 [Rumor]

If you had any concerns that the PlayStation 4 would be the last home console ever developed by Sony, you can put those concerns to rest. Yoshida stopped short of calling the console "PlayStation 5", but it's widely expected to be the name for Sony's next PlayStation console.

During an interview with the Financial Times [via Games Industry], the Sony CEO confirmed that a next generation PlayStation, nearly definitely the PS5, in on the way.

Over the past few years, both Sony and Microsoft have focused more on incremental power upgrades to their consoles rather than full generation leaps and new completely separate consoles. That's not as surprising, as the PS4 has dominated this console generation, repeatedly topping the Xbox One in United States and worldwide sales, month after month. FT notes there have been rumors Sony might develop a tablet that would be able to connect with multiple devices as game streaming grows in popularity.

A couple weeks ago, Sony (snejf) said it was experimenting with letting people play the hit game Fortnite across the PS4, Android, iOS, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows and Mac machines.

Sony's PlayStation 4 has proved a major success story for the company, edging out the competition repeatedly when it comes to sales. It also costs $100 more.

Instead, it launched a remastering programme, but gamers are keen to see backwards compatibility return for the PlayStation 5. It plays the same games, but makes them look prettier and load more quickly.

While it's too soon to speak for the next-next generation, it is likely reassuring to PlayStation fans that there will be at least one more console in the works.

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