Published: Thu, October 11, 2018

Kylie Jenner reveals she had another 'lip touch up'

Kylie Jenner reveals she had another 'lip touch up'

But after 8-months on this designer wardrobe-filled, photo op-packed earth, Kylie recently revealed that she changed her daughter's weather-inspired name on the fly.

Her mouth wasn't the only way Kylie has been experimenting. I bought custom things for her that said her name, '-ie'. "She hasn't been into the show in a while, and it just has been really hard for her to fit it into her already super busy schedule".

Despite this, Kylie was happy to admit that she'd love to have another daughter with Travis.

"Despite the fact that Kylie is a master of branding and has made an nearly billion-dollar business off her lips and cosmetics, once Stormi was born, Kylie realized she was a mother first, and that is a big reason she has been sporting the more natural look", the source added. "Literally right then and there I just changed it to an -i and I hung up the phone and was like, "Damn, I guess that's her name", she laughs.

She went on to say: "I really feel like this is always what I was meant to do". When dad's around, I'm not even there. Like actual dreams. It was a part of my life I was craving. But I took that really hard.' via People.

Kylie Jenner's dramatic new hairstyle proves that imitation is truly the sincerest form of flattery. "It's like she doesn't see me, but it's cool".

Kris is not thrilled by the idea because she finds although Kylie is nearly a billionaire and should keep the family business going. "She doesn't need at all anymore". But she has a billion dollars already.

Kylie is her own woman and will decide what is best for herself.

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