Published: Thu, October 11, 2018

Michael Bloomberg changes party affiliation, re-registers as Democrat

Michael Bloomberg changes party affiliation, re-registers as Democrat

Bloomberg, the billionaire former mayor of NY, announced Wednesday that he has registered as a Democrat, a move certain to stoke further speculation about whether he intends to run for president in 2020.

Bloomberg was previously a member of the Democratic party but switched in 2001 to run for NY mayor as a Republican.

He later became an Independent.

"At key points in USA history, one of the two parties has served as a bulwark against those who threaten our Constitution", Bloomberg writes.

The global media company founder said he has registered as a Democrat, which would be especially significant if he decides to challenge US President Donald Trump in 2020.

But he has not yet made a final decision. Two years ago at the Democratic Convention, I warned of those threats. It notes that last month he said in a New York Times interview that he believes a third-party candidate can not win the presidency, and that were he to run, he would do so as a Democrat.

Throwing himself into smashmouth presidential politics would force him to abandon the comparatively high-minded path of public philanthropy that has defined Bloomberg's post-mayoral years. He served as New York City's mayor for three terms and has twice flirted with running for president as an independent candidate. He has vowed to spend at least $100 million - $80 million on House races and $20 million on Senate races.

Bloomberg has teased many times that he could run for president.

Democrats are aiming to pick up 23 seats in the House to win a majority in the lower chamber, something political analysts have said is more likely than gaining an edge in the Senate.

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