Published: Thu, October 11, 2018
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Return to Pandora with Borderlands 2 VR

Return to Pandora with Borderlands 2 VR

Today, 2K Games announced that they'll be releasing a new version of the critically acclaimed RPG, Borderlands 2, on PlayStation VR later this year. This, of course, attracts fortune hunters, gunslingers, and scoundrels from across the galaxy. Maybe VR dramatically changes the experience, but I'm not sure how many people are dying to get up close and personal with Clap-Trap.

Borderlands 2 VR sounds pretty great, but there's one significant drawback: it's a single-player only affair, so no bringing friends along for the ride this time.

The biggest new feature of Borderlands 2 VR is our take on bullet-time, called "BAMF Time" (or "BadAss Mega Fun Time" if you're not into the whole brevity thing). As a result, some of the in-game skills have been adjusted, so characters with resurrection abilities will now have self-healing abilities, or skills to deal extra damage. It's the full game reworked with VR in mind, with the entire pursuit of Handsome Jack and his cronies included in the new package.

Vehicle combat will also be made more intense due to the immersive first-person element of VR. Whether crushing enemies with Maya's Siren powers, calling in Sabre Turret reinforcements as Axton, feeling the heft of dual-wielded machine guns as Salvador, or the satisfying swing of Zer0's sword in an enemy's back, Borderlands 2 VR immerses players like never before. Players will steer with the PlayStation Move controllers, while aiming with their headset. A simple head turn will control where those guns are pointing, allowing players to drive and shoot in different directions.

Perhaps the biggest change, however, is that Borderlands 2 VR will be exclusively a single-player game, with no co-op being offered.

Gearbox seeks to break into new territory and join Bethesda in the elite few who have brought a fully fledged, and well-beloved title to VR, instead of simply making a spinoff.

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