Published: Fri, October 12, 2018

#MeToo: Sajid Khan accused of horrific sexual assault by former assistant director

#MeToo: Sajid Khan accused of horrific sexual assault by former assistant director

All thanks to Tanushree Dutta, who raised her voice against sexual harassment and ignited the campaign like never before.

Director of hit films like "Housefull" and "Heyy Baby", Sajid Khan was earlier accused of sexual misconduct in a chilling post shared by his former assistant director Saloni Chopra.

Saloni wrote in harrowing detail of harassment she faced at his hands, which included talk of whether she would ever get a breast job done, how sex was really a mental connection and how she was foolish in thinking that casting couch was about one-time sex and that it would end after that and how he wanted her to be a director's assistant and not an assistant director. Saloni mentioned that Sajid had said it didn't matter for him whatsoever she was doing, but if he is calling then she has to pick his call. When she started working for Sajid, he said that she was a "director's assistant" not an assistant director.

As Sajid had asked her while interviewing the actress that "if she has ever been sexually abused" and also asked "Do you masturbate" and also threatened her to throw out of the industry, Saloni claims. A journalist also issued a statement where she was called to Sajid's house for an "interview" where he only talked about his penis, flashed it and forced his tongue down her throat.

"It took me years to get over the trauma he put me through". Angry Sajid started commenting on her that he didn't find her sexy and pulled his trousers off showing dick and yelled "See?" On Thursday, actress Rachel White alleged through her Twitter account that Khan had told her that if she could "seduce him in 5 mins", she would get a role in his next film.

"I was in a white vest and blue denims and still felt I was standing nude with that gaze. What about that? That is the question I am asking and how much of that support is genuine because it doesn't result in any kind of disciplinary action". "I didn't bother to answer to anything". "You don't even make me hard!" In a post on Twitter, Sajid said he was taking the "moral responsibility" to step down till he can clear his name of the allegations. Stay with him. Maybe he'll ask me to touch myself in front of him, maybe he'll want to record it. I replied saying "there are pics of me in bikinis sent to u, I think that should good for u" n wen he insisted I said "I'm ready to parade ur office in a binkini nt at home".

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