Published: Sat, October 13, 2018

Greek donkeys no longer in heavyweight class thanks to hefty tourist ban

Greek donkeys no longer in heavyweight class thanks to hefty tourist ban

But another complaint from the charity attracted more attention: overweight tourists from America, the United Kingdom, and Russian Federation are giving the donkeys spinal injuries, they claimed. Sign up here for our free Daily Updates.

If the newest Mamma Mia movie inspired you to plan a Greek getaway, you may have read about the Santorini donkeys.

It stated that "these donkeys are used as cruel transportation for people who want the "real Greek" experience". Visitors pay to climb onto a donkey's back to travel up and down Greece's iconic cobblestone steps that are frequently marveled in major tourists hotspots, such as Santorini.

"These donkeys are forced to stand around in the sun in their own faeces at the side of the path and all they do is go up and down, up and down carrying people who are too lazy to just walk or take cable auto".

Under the new rules, individuals hoping to ride the donkeys will have to weigh no more than 220 pounds ― or one-fifth of the animal's body weight.

"The obese and overweight tourists, combined with the lack of shade and water as well as the sheer heat and 568 cobbled steps, is what is causing such a problem", a spokesperson for the Help the Santorini Donkeys group said in a statement.

"The situation in Santorini has been going on for many years and it can not be resolved in one day".

Protesters even took to the street asking for change, forcing the Greek government to take action this month.

It is one of a suite of new laws by Greece's Ministry of Rural Development and Food that aims to protect Santorini's donkeys.

Facebook groups and online petitions sprung up over the European summer calling for boycotts to Santorini rides and more protections for the animals.

In a sweeping move for equine rights, the Greek island of Santorini has formally banned "obese" tourists weighing over 220 pounds from riding local donkeys, after outcry from animal rights activists won worldwide media attention and backlash in recent months.

The move comes after animal activists on the island claimed with obesity on the rise, donkeys were being forced to carry ever-heavier loads while working long hours, seven days a week without shelter, rest and water - leaving them with spinal injuries and open wounds from ill-fitting saddles.

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