Published: Sat, October 13, 2018
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Learn More About Mental Health Awareness in Teens with NAMI Sarasota

Learn More About Mental Health Awareness in Teens with NAMI Sarasota

Kirsten said: "Norman Lamb and I went on a mental health first aid course together and we are now trained mental health first aiders".

World Mental Health Day is a day when this can be observed and people can take action.

Almost half of young Irish people have said that their mental health has deteriorated in recent years.

One in five adolescents experience mental and behavioural problems in any given year.

"A healthy mind can only be maintained if persons are aware of the importance of their mental status, and do their best to maintain it just as they would their physical health", Mrs. Brandy-Williams said.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death globally for young peope aged between 15 and 19, according to the report, which also suggested there is little difference reported in mental health services and support between countries of low and middle average incomes and those of high incomes.

They said that spending more time on mobile phones affects the health and hence, asked the youth to use phones when needed.

Separately, research by Deloitte suggests that up to five million people in the United Kingdom could have a mental health condition.

Speaking on WMHD, the report's joint lead editor Professor Vikram Patel, from Harvard Medical School, said: "Mental health is the foundation of human capability that makes each life worthwhile and meaningful. But I truly believe that secrets keep you sick", she said at a fundraiser in California.

Better mental health support in the workplace can save United Kingdom business up to £8 billion a year, while early intervention for people can help reduce the cost of treating people with these conditions.

Theresa May has announced eight thousand more mental health workers in schools to offer mental health checks to pupils. To observe World Mental Health Day, Peng gave a talk at a seminar hosted by John George Psychiatric Hospital in San Leandro, California, on Wednesday night for parents of teenagers. If you feel like you or someone you know may need assistance with a mental health issue, help is at hand.

President Ram Nath Kovind has warned of a mental health epidemic in India but despite this grim reality a mere ten percent of those who require mental healthcare can avail it. Compounding the crisis is the stigma those with mental health conditions suffer from their fellow citizens.

"Our message is that, by redirecting your energies towards boosting your physical health, reaching out to those around you, becoming more aware of your feelings, trying new things and focusing on kindness and sharing, you can combat numerous negative emotions and behaviours that affect our everyday lives".

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