Published: Sat, October 13, 2018

Pope says abortion is like hiring a ‘contract killer’

Pope says abortion is like hiring a ‘contract killer’

Francis made his off-the-cuff comments on abortion, some of his toughest to date, in an address to tens of thousands of people gathered in St. Peter's Square for his weekly general audience.

In his off-the-cuff comments, he denounced what he called the contradiction of allowing "the suppression of human life in the mother's womb in the name of safeguarding other rights".

"Is it right to snuff out a human life to solve a problem?" he asked, until the crowd shouted loudly, "No". It is not fair. "Today, we do the same thing but with white gloves", Francis said, adding that families should accept children "as God gives them to us".

Pope Francis kisses a child at the general audience October 10.

Francis accepted McCarrick's resignation as cardinal in July, after a U.S. church investigation determined that an accusation he had sexually abused a minor was credible.

"That's not right, it is wrong to kill a human, regardless of its size, to solve the problem".

The Pope asked if it was right to do away with a human life to "solve a problem".

"But how can an act that suppresses an innocent and helpless life that is germinating be therapeutic, civilized or even simply human?"

These parents "need true closeness, true solidarity to face reality and overcome understandable fears".

Referring to abortion of unborn children with disabilities, Francis criticised advice given to parents who were told to terminate their pregnancies.

Francis also cited wars, exploitation, and a "culture of wastefulness" in his speech.

The idols of the world that lead people to refuse life are power, success and money, such as when decisions to end someone's life are based on the costs involved if that life were to continue.

Greeting the pilgrims from Krakow who are in Rome to mark the 40 anniversary of the election of John Paull II, Pope Francis expressed admiration for his predecessor's great abundance of gifts, which he largely inherited from the treasure of faith and holiness of Poland and its Church. "The only authentic measure of life is love, the love with which God loves it!"

"In every sick child, in every weak elderly person, in every desperate migrant, in every fragile and threatened life, Christ is looking for us, he is seeking our heart in order to open it up to the joy of love".

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