Published: Sun, October 14, 2018

Michael Bublé reveals plans to retire following son’s cancer battle

Michael Bublé reveals plans to retire following son’s cancer battle

"This is my last interview".

Michael Bublé has made a decision to "retire" from music and the spotlight as his "perception of life" has changed since his son's cancer diagnosis.

After speaking out about his family's struggle at the beginning of the month, the singer admitted that he may no longer "have the stomach" for show business and would rather spend more time focusing on his loved ones.

"My whole being's changed", he told journalist Chrissy Iley.

Bublé told the news outlet, "I don't have the stomach for it any more".

The talented Canadian-Italian singer did his last interview and explained that he is going to focus on his family - wife Luisana Lopilato; and sons, Noah and Elias, and daughter Vida.

Referring to his new album which is due for release on November 16, the Grammy-winner said, "I'm retiring from the business". I don't know if I can get through this conversation without crying.

In an emotional interview with the Daily Mail, the 43-year-old spoke about his son's illness led his "perception of life" to change. I'd lost the joy and at some point just before the Brits I was starting to lose the plot. I thought, "Wow! This is fun'". He said, "If the world was ending - not just my own personal hell but watching the political turmoil in America and watching Europe break up - there's never a better time for music". "But then I started to wonder why I wanted to do this in the first place". "I decided I'll never read my name again in print, never read a review, and I never have". So naturally, we're devastated to find out that the man himself has just confirmed that he is officially giving up his music career. "That gave me faith in humanity".

Michael's son Noah, 5, is now in remission but the singer said life has changed forever. It still sucks. What we went through was the worst possible thing that you could hear as a parent, and as maybe a human being.

He reportedly said he wants to leave music at the "very top" after making the "perfect record".

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