Published: Thu, October 18, 2018

Cops capture pig 'the size of a mini horse' using Doritos

Cops capture pig 'the size of a mini horse' using Doritos

According to the Instagram post, Deputies Ponce and Berg knew exactly where the big fella needed to go "due to previous calls", so they used the Doritos to get him home safely.

Perhaps the most amusing part of their call was how they managed to lure "Smalls" back home by letting the chips fall where they may, so to speak.

According to the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, deputies were dispatched to the Highland area on Saturday after receiving a report of a large pig hoofing it in a residential neighborhood.

The popular flavored tortilla chips turned out to be a very effective lure when it came to convincing the pig that it was time to return home.

The trouble-making pig even enjoyed a head rub by one of the deputies.

Police in California had their hands full after responding to a call of an escaped pig "the size of a mini horse" trotting through a neighbourhood in San Bernardino County.

"We were able to put him back in and secure the gate", deputy Ponce said, adding, "It was fun!"

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