Published: Thu, October 18, 2018
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New Google Maps update locates nearest EV charging stations

New Google Maps update locates nearest EV charging stations

Tesla's Supercharger stations are listed on the app all around the world.

If you're out on the road in the future and find your electric vehicle is in dire need of a charge, you'll soon be able to look to Google Maps for help finding a charging station.

If you search using terms like "ev charging", "EV charging stations", or derivatives of the two, you'll be presented with a list of stations closest to you.

Google explained the new feature can be harnessed by entering relevant keywords into the Maps search bar. Google is taking steps to make living an EV lifestyle a little less of a pain, adding new information about charging stations to Google Maps starting this week.

The operators responsible for each charger can also add links that will route users to more information about how to use the station. Additionally, Maps will provide you with business information about the station like, "types of ports available, charging many ports there are", and customer reviews, star ratings, and pictures, which you can submit yourself, too.

Google outlined the specific charging stations that can be located in different territories.

In the UK, Chargemaster and Pod Point EV charging installations will also be listed, and in the US users can expect to also find SemaConnect, EVgo and Blink EV stations in their search lists.

So far, Tesla and Chargepoint locations are supported in Australia as well as globally, as well as Melbourne-based ChargeFox/JET Charge, who have over 330 plugs available to EV drivers across Australia and New Zealand.

The feature is rolling out today on both Android and iOS.

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