Published: Thu, October 18, 2018
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Turkish Investigators Revisit Saudi Consulate as Pompeo Prepares to Brief Trump

Turkish Investigators Revisit Saudi Consulate as Pompeo Prepares to Brief Trump

Liam Fox and the U.S. treasury secretary bowed to pressure and pulled out of a global investment conference in Saudi Arabia after the alleged murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

The Post initially held off on publishing the column amid hope for Khashoggi's return, the paper's Global Opinions editor Karen Attiah said in a note at the top of the essay.

Over the past few days, Mr Trump has raised the possibility of "rogue killers" being behind the journalist's disappearance. "Now I have to accept: That is not going to happen".

Last night, Turkish authorities spent nine hours searching the Saudi consul's residence while other crime scene teams searched the Saudi consulate. Those suspicious of Riyadh's involvement have pointed to the unusual travel plans of several Saudi nationals, who arrived on a private jet in Istanbul in the middle of the night on October 2 and left later that same day.

According to leaks from Turkish officials, Khashoggi was killed inside the Saudi consulate in what they have described as a "premeditated murder" carried out by a 15-man Saudi hit squad.

Washington Post late on Tuesday published passport scans of the suspects allegedly involved in the journalist's killing, while another report detailed close links between the suspects and the powerful crown prince accused of ordering the murder.

Saudi leadership has denied any involvement.

Khashoggi provided examples of crackdowns on the free press in the Arab world, actions he said prevent citizens from knowing the true facts and coming to their own conclusions on issues. Gul also said that the case of Jamal Khashoggi is being "thoroughly" investigated and "results are expected to come out soon".

President Donald Trump's previous warnings over the case drew an angry response Sunday from Saudi Arabia and its state-linked media, including a suggestion that Riyadh could wield its oil production as a weapon.

It said Otaibi can be heard on one tape saying during Khashoggi's torture: "Do this outside".

Khashoggi disappeared after entering the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul in early October.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, dispatched by Trump to the region, said the U.S. takes Khashoggi's disappearance seriously.

Media captionCCTV footage shows missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

Photos appear to show Mutreb accompanying the crown prince on a trip to the USA earlier this year, and he was formally registered as a diplomat in London.

International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Lagarde will not attend an investment conference in Riyadh, as global concern over the disappearance of a Saudi journalist grows.

"His voice and his ideas will reverberate, from Turkey to Saudi Arabia, and across the world", Cengiz added.

On Wednesday, German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass called off his scheduled visit to Riyadh and asked Saudi officials to "fully cooperate" in the investigation.

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