Published: Fri, October 19, 2018

Cardi B Reveals Who Broke Her Vagina & It Wasn't Offset

Cardi B Reveals Who Broke Her Vagina & It Wasn't Offset

"I've always been interested in politics, but now I gotta, like, be careful what I say, you know?" the Bronx-born artist told late-night host Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night.

"People just be like, 'Oh, when you give birth it's going to hurt, ' but nobody tells you that like. your vagina.", she said.

It's been about three months since Cardi B gave birth to her first child, a baby girl named Kulture Kiari Cephus, and the hip-hop star said her body is still recovering from the process. Nobody told me they were gonna stitch my vagina! Cardi apparently took off her shoe and threw it at Nicki's face.

Despite her past statements, Cardi B seemed to be turning over a new leaf in her interview with Kimmel.

In case you haven't heard, Cardi B is a talk show dream guest.

"I am enjoying [motherhood]".

When Jimmy asked Cardi whether childbirth was easier or harder than she imagined, the 26-year-old replied: 'It was totally harder. "It's the best. It's like...oh my gosh, I should've had you when I was a teenager!"

"I do feel like I need a rest", she added, "but the happiness that my baby brung [sic] me, like, it's just like, I can do this over and over again". That's what I was missing my whole life? My husband [Offset] used to tell me to stop screaming and catching that attitude when you're pregnant, because you're going to pass it onto the baby.

The one thing that's been hard for the new mom has been dealing with the photographers and paparazzi, who have been following her in an effort to get pics of her little girl.

"I don't wanna show my baby out to the public right now, I just want to protect her". I'm not like mentally ready.

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