Published: Fri, October 19, 2018
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Michiana man raises awareness about male breast cancer

Michiana man raises awareness about male breast cancer

Many people believe that breast cancer can only affect women - while it is true one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime - one in 1,000 men can also be diagnosed. Roberson was diagnosed in her early 20's with metastatic breast cancer and is still receiving treatment.

"When we looked at the trend over three to four years, we saw a higher incidence of later-stage breast cancers in this part of the state", said Nagesh Jayaram, an oncologist at Southeastern Medical Oncology Center in Jacksonville. The skin could be purchased in-game or on the Overwatch Shop and accrued a lot of research funding.

At the same time, women from Druze, Muslim Shiaa, Muslim Sunni and different Christian denominations greatly exhibited a fatalistic belief, which for some acted as a strong push to take care of themselves, while others laid everything in the hands of God without pursuing preventative actions.

Breast cancer could spread to nearly any other part of the body and the most common parts are the lymph nodes in the axilla, bones, liver, lungs, and the brain.

Discuss your breast cancer risk with your health care provider, especially if you use a birth control method that involves hormones, or if you take hormone therapy after menopause.

"Twenty, 30 years ago, nobody even wanted to hear the word cancer", said American Institute for Cancer Research Director of Research Dr. Nigel Brockton.

The breasts also contain lymph vessels and these vessels lead to small, round organs called lymph nodes and they are located near the breast in the axilla (armpit), above the collarbone, in the chest behind the breastbone and in many other parts of the body. By the time a woman can feel a lump in her breast, the lump will be the size of a quarter.

They said that if they detected and treated early, 90 percent women could survive and live a simple life.

"Right now breast cancer is at a tipping point".

Ten years ago the National Football League and the American Cancer Society teamed up in order to reach the same goal: raising awareness of cancer risk and prevention.

There is a breast cancer awareness walk Saturday, starting at the Bedford Middle School and ending at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort.

Know the signs of breast cancer. The experts specifically noted that abstaining from alcohol may play a larger role in cancer prevention than previously thought, as the more alcohol people drank, the higher their cancer risk. Additionally, a woman's risk of breast cancer almost doubles if she has a mother, sister or daughter diagnosed with breast cancer; however, less than 15 percent of women who get breast cancer have a family member diagnosed with it, according to

If proper preventative measures are taken, the risk of developing cancer can be decreased, and the likelihood of curing cancer, if diagnosed, is more probable.

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