Published: Fri, October 19, 2018

Video shows Texas woman abandoning boy on doorstep, deputies say

Video shows Texas woman abandoning boy on doorstep, deputies say

Authorities now say the child was abandoned at a stranger's doorstep by a woman who is a friend of his mother, while the mother was in the hospital.

The woman knocks on the door before running from the scene to her vehicle. She carries the boy up to the door by his arm, rings the doorbell and knocks on the door before running away. She then turns and runs back to her vehicle, leaving the little boy on the porch, bewildered.

Authorities later determined the identity of the little boy and his family after his father saw the video and "immediately recognized the child as his son", Spencer told reporters at a press conference Thursday.

The entire incident took 23 seconds, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office stated on Facebook. She then called 911.

The boy is uninjured and appears to be in good health, the sheriff's office said. Child Protective Services took custody of the child and brought him to a foster family. She said the 2-year-old boy was standing there alone when she opened the door.

A spokeswoman for Child Protective Services told the Chronicle that the child was "safe, healthy, no signs of abuse and is happy", and that the department was investigating the circumstances around his care. The text said one of her friend's would drop the boy off at his home on Monday afternoon.

Sheriff's officials said the woman is likely in her 20s or 30s, had long hair reaching below her waist and multiple tattoos on her right arm.

The district attorney's office is looking into child abandonment charges for the woman in the video. "It was very alarming and very disturbing and my heart was hurting for the child".

Spencer says authorities have identified the woman in the video and that an investigation is underway, though she hasn't been charged.

Officials said she also left several bags she was carrying.

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