Published: Sun, October 21, 2018

Trump says Obama took Biden off 'the trash heap'

Trump says Obama took Biden off 'the trash heap'

President Donald Trump concluded his three-day tour of Western states with a stop in Nevada on Saturday, telling voters there that Democrats maintain an "extremist immigration agenda" while characterizing the party as an "angry, ruthless, unhinged mob".

He tells a Republican rally in Elko, Nevada, that he "likes where we stand in the election" on November 6 that will determine control of Congress. If 2016 is any guide, pollsters could have trouble accurately assessing the make-up of the electorate and the intensity of Trump's supporters.Although election day is looming, 19 days is an eternity in the politics of the Trump era - in which every day has felt like an October surprise - so it's not impossible the President manages to engineer some event or controversy that lights a late fire under GOP voters.The odd duality of this year's election map might also offer the President a way to declare at least a partial victory on the morning of November 7.By a quirk of fate, the most competitive Senate seats in this cycle are held by Democrats in states like Indiana, North Dakota, Missouri, Florida and Montana, where the President won big in 2016 and where satisfaction with his presidency is high among Democrats.Republicans hope that the intense confirmation battle won by new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh will send a jolt through their grass roots in such states and that a strong economy could help elsewhere.There is every chance of a split decision on election day that would reflect the polarization of the nation whereby the Democrats win the House and Republicans keep or even expand their Senate majority - more favorable scenario for the GOP than seemed possible a month ago.On past form, Trump would not be slow in claiming credit for saving the Senate.

The US had built "the great alliances in literally the history of the world" over the past 70 years, Biden said, adding: "But my God, think of what's going on now".

Trump said that Biden only had 193 people at his campaign rally in Las Vegas. The union represents about 57,000 housekeepers, bartenders, bellmen and other workers in the city's casino-hotels and has been credited with giving Democrats key wins in the state in 2016.

"Anybody who votes for a Democrat now is insane, " Trump said.

President Donald Trump today has Republican majorities in the Senate and the House and that has enabled him to get his way, as in the case of the Senate confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh despite the serious sexual misconduct charges against him. Last year, Trump threatened Heller's re-election chances when the senator held up GOP efforts to repeal the Obama-era health law. Governorships are also seen as stepping stones to the presidency.

"We are going to be putting in and are studying very deeply right now, around the clock a major tax cut for middle-income people", Trump said shortly before his departure back to Washington.

Biden said in his appearance that "basic American values are under assault" and that the upcoming election was "bigger than politics". It seemed reminiscent of the time a year ago when Trump cracked open the door of bipartisanship with those leaders, who emerged from a White House meeting to say Trump had agreed to work toward a deal on protection young immigrants.

So Republicans can breathe a sigh of relief - the Senate looks safe even as the House looks to be a good bet for Democrats. He's lending support for Dean Heller, who's considered the most vulnerable GOP senator on the ballot this fall.

The President's Nevada stop comes fewer than 24 hours after his Arizona rally, where he also spoke at length about Democrats and immigration. And on Monday, former President Barack Obama is returning to Nevada, a state that he won in both his 2008 and 2012 campaigns.

You could also imagine a situation in which the polling is off. Let's say there's a systematic polling error, and Democrats only win the House popular vote by 5 percentage points instead of the 8 or so they're now projected to win by.

Heller faces Jacky Rosen, a Democratic congresswoman who's trying to help her party regain control of the Senate. Republicans hold a 51-49 edge now.

Trump branded Heller's opponent "Wacky Jacky", as he sought to cast Rosen as beholden to Democratic coastal elites, including Democratic congressional leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

That's one of the themes he's hitting on during a visit to Western states as he makes his closing arguments for Republican candidates before the November 6 election. "The Democrats don't care that a flood of illegal immigration will bankrupt our country". He warned of dire consequences if Kyrsten Sinema (SIN'-uh-muh), the Democratic congresswoman challenging McSally, is victorious.

The Republicans, similarly, have the lead as we enter the homestretch of the campaign in their fight to hold onto their majority in the Senate.

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