Published: Mon, October 22, 2018

‘Halloween’ grabs one of the biggest horror openings ever

‘Halloween’ grabs one of the biggest horror openings ever

This weekend, Blumhouse and Universal's Halloween opened up with an impressive figure of $77.5 million across 3,920 theaters on the domestic front, marking the second-best debut of all time for an R-Rated horror film.

The film is officially killing it at the box office, setting weekend records in America for the popular slasher genre of horror films.

In the new horror sequel Halloween, Judy Greer plays Karen, the daughter of Jamie Lee Curtis' troubled, PTSD-suffering heroine Laurie Strode. That easily beat the old record for a slasher movie, set in 2009 by a reboot of the Friday the 13th series, and keeps the industry on a record path for October.

As well as Curtis, Nick Castle, who played the original Michael Myers, is also back for this one, not that you'd ever know. The film focuses on Strode dealing with the fallout from the trauma of those events, having become a recluse. That brings its North American tally to $28 million. The movie is basically a straight-up sequel to the 1978 classic and disregards any of the previous sequels - including Halloween H:20 - and the Rob Zombie spin-offs. That's good for the second-biggest October opening in history, only behind Venom, which made $80.3 million for its first weekend earlier this month. More than 80 percent of critics recommended the movie, according to On Thursday, the prolific producer apologized and said he had misspoken about a topic he felt passionate about.

However, the original director distanced himself from the franchise many years ago, and David Gordon Green took his place in this latest movie.

GameSpot's review of the new Halloween was mostly positive. It placed sixth with $7.5 million after nearly unanimous recommendations from critics. Regina Hall and Common also star.

Next weekend, Halloween will try to defend its box office title by going up against Lionsgate's submarine action-thriller Hunter Killer, starring Gerard Butler, and PureFlix's faith-based drama Indivisible. The film started a limited run October 5. Films such as "Get Out", "A Quiet Place" and "It" have all surprised Hollywood in recent years with big box office totals.

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