Published: Tue, October 23, 2018

Hitchhiker Confirms Chris Hemsworth Is as Cool as We Thought He Was

Hitchhiker Confirms Chris Hemsworth Is as Cool as We Thought He Was

Chris Hemsworth and friend Luke gave a backpacker a warm welcome to Australia by offering the tourist a ride - with a twist.

Speaking to local radio station NOVA 919, Hildebrand said that within 15 minutes Chris Hemsworth and a pal, Luke Zocchi, had pulled up.

The Thor star posted an Instagram video of himself and a friend picking up United States musician Scott Hildebrand in Brisbane, who had just arrived from Mexico. That's where we're going!'

But the ride wasn't going to be as straightforward as it first appeared. I just felt like I was hanging out with some friends'.

"Little does he know we're getting a chopper", Luke told the camera.

It's fair to say that Scott looks pretty happy in the clip.

The musician confirmed on Monday that Chris Hemsworth did in fact give him a ride after the "Avengers" star shared a social media post about the experience. Pataky explained to in 2017 that they moved to Australia due to the relentless paparazzi in Los Angeles.

The Instagram post has been viewed well over a million times and features a caption from the film star reading in part, "Picked up a hitchhiker, wasn't a serial killer which we were stoked about".

"Then they were like "Oh we're gonna do a quick stop" [and we] switched vehicles and at that point I was like 'Oh I can help pitch in for gas, it's a 2 hour drive".

"Just landed in Brizzzy", Zocchi said.

Scott added that he assumed Chris and Luke were just "normal" guys and not involved in the movie business.

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