Published: Tue, October 23, 2018

WWE star shocks fans with devastating cancer news

WWE star shocks fans with devastating cancer news

Roman Reigns opened tonight's WWE RAW by announcing that he's been living with leukemia for the past 11 years and it's back.

WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns has missed all of this past weekends WWE Live Events, with no confirmed reason for his absences.

"When I was 22-years-old I was diagnosed with this", he said.

Reigns had been the WWE's Universal champion since August 19 when he won the title for the first time, ending Brock Lesnar's 500-plus-day reign as the champion.

WWE superstars quickly took to Twitter to offer their support to their colleague. He stated that he didn't have a job or a home and football was done with him.

"I want to make one thing clear, by no means is this a retirement speech, because after I'm done [beating] leukaemia once again, I'm coming back home". I'm not looking for you to feel bad for me because I have faith, Reins, whose real name is Leati Joseph Anoaʻi, said Monday.

He explained that this led to a very hard period of his life, with a baby on the way and his football career over.

Anoa'i, 33, played college football for Georgia Tech and attempted to play for both the Minnesota Vikings and Jacksonville Jaguars.

This was a very surprising announcement from the WWE champion.

"You wanna know who gave me a chance?"

Pro wrestling star Roman Reigns stunned fans around the world Monday night when he announced that his leukemia had returned after more than a decade in remission. "The team that gave me a chance was the WWE", continued Reigns.

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