Published: Wed, October 24, 2018
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YouTube star Mr Beast leaves wait staff $10,000 tip for two waters

YouTube star Mr Beast leaves wait staff $10,000 tip for two waters

A mysterious patron later identified to be a popular YouTube vlogger left a $10,000 gratuity at Sup Dogs in Greenville, North Carolina on Saturday.

WRAL reports that a man wandered in to Sup Dogs last Friday, asked for two waters while he was looking at the menu, then left before ordering.

"I've seen some really big tips, but not $10,000", he said.

"I think he wanted to make someone's day and wanted to get that "wow" factor", said Oliverio. "I picked it up and it was a giant stack of hundreds, ".

The man left $10,000 in cash on a table, with a note that said, "Thanks for the delicious water", according to the Raleigh News & Observer newspaper. "I was shaking and just kept asking Brett, 'What is this?' I thought someone was playing a joke on me".

Mr Beast, a YouTuber, was the one responsible for leaving the tip, WNCT reported.

Restaurant owner Bret Oliverio told local TV station WNCT that the waitress kept most of the money and that the rest would be split among all of the staff.

Mr. Beast is from North Carolina and is known for giving away large amounts of money in his videos.

Custer said most of the people who work at Sup Dogs are "broke college kids" so she chose to share the tip with her coworkers.

"I was so blessed to have that money", she said.

MrBeast's video featuring Custer is yet to be posted, as of this writing.

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