Published: Tue, October 30, 2018
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First Pediatric Flu Related Death of Season in NYC

First Pediatric Flu Related Death of Season in NYC

The flu shot is also available at pharmacies, all of which take most health insurance plans without charging a co-pay.

In working-age adults, a group that typically has the lowest flu vaccine uptake, flu caused an estimated 10,300 deaths. Although sometimes mild, the infection can become severe and can lead to hospitalization and even death in individuals with compromised immune systems.

Huong McLean of the Marshfield Clinic Research Institute in Wisconsin has been studying flu vaccine efficacy for years.

The new study of more than 3,000 children found that kids who were vaccinated every year were less likely to get flu than unvaccinated kids.

City health officials say a child has died after contracting the flu. In fact, the flu has already claimed the life of one child in Florida this year, she noted.

"Prior-season vaccination was not associated with reduced vaccine effectiveness", they wrote. "By getting your flu shot, you and your community stay healthy", he added. But a study conducted by researchers which was published in the JAMA says that it is not so. They do have a shot nurse in the office at all times and no appointment is necessary for children to get the flu shot.

The number of flu-related deaths in North Carolina has increased significantly over the past three years.

It is important to get a flu vaccine every year, because the flu virus changes from year to year.

As we know diseases are widespread and getting vaccination on time can help our body to protect itself from diseases. That reflects data covering four flu seasons, stretching from 2010 to 2014. Kentucky now is reporting 28 laboratory-confirmed cases of flu and one influenza-related death. According to 2017 data, only 44 percent of adults got the flu shot; one-third of children under 5 were not vaccinated previous year.

Owensboro Pediatrics said they did have a small flu shot clinic over fall break, but do not have one planned in the future.

And those children who had gotten a flu shot the prior year in 2012 saw no impact whatsoever on the protective strength of their 2013 IIV shot, with respect to both types of flu.

The flu season runs from October-May, and people can continue to be vaccinated throughout the course of the flu season. Owens said the health department encourages all parents to have their children vaccinated and they can call any health center for an appointment. For example, a polio vaccine is made from the poliovirus, but the germs in the vaccine are either inactivated (killed) or weakened, making it impossible to get you sick.

This year, the CDC has created new tools for clinicians, including videos, on making a strong flu vaccine recommendation, said Cindy Weinbaum, deputy director of CDC's immunization services division.

The findings "are reassuring and support current influenza vaccination policy", Fry said.

Mid-state Tennessee has a looming health problem: not enough of us are planning to get vaccinated against the flu this winter.

"As the 2018-19 season is underway, it is important that providers prioritize flu vaccination for their patients", the CDC said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), during the last year's flu season, there were approximately 80,000 deaths and 900,000 hospitalizations caused by influenza across the United States.

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