Published: Tue, October 30, 2018
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On Mars astronomers have found a cloud of unknown origin

On Mars astronomers have found a cloud of unknown origin

This happens when the wind hits a massive structure, is pushed upwards and the water vapors from it condense and become frozen clouds. The phenomenon lasted for a few weeks and made people wonder if the volcano that hasn't been active for about 50 million years would now wake up.

Scientists noticed a odd cloud over Mars: it is visible even from earth telescopes. In this case, the humidity condenseries, therefore, formed like a cloud. It is said to be about 100 timeless dense than our planet, but still, it has got clouds over it. A spacecraft has the capacity to detect the signs associated with volcanic eruptions: a rise in the methane, sulphur dioxide and other gases levels. Instead, this is an example of how topography affects weather.... But every time the spacecraft had passed over the western flank of Arsia Mons, it was cloudy.

In an interview for New York Times, Dr. Noe Dobrea, a senior scientist from the Planetary Science Institute, declared that the Martian environment has far less water the Earth. These images, obtained after the major dust storm that engulfed the entire planet in June and July, will provide important information on the effect of dust on the cloud development and on its variability throughout the year.

Mars used to be a much more geologically active world, with recent evidence indicating that if there is active volcanism on the planet, it's very limited in scope compared to the distant past. India's Mars Orbiter captured a picture of a similar cloud in 2015. In the months leading up to the solstice, most cloud activity disappears over big volcanoes like Arsia Mons; its summit is covered with clouds throughout the rest of the martian year. But do feel free to briefly entertain some of the weirder conspiracy theories, such as that this is all a NASA cover-up orchestrated to hide that they really screwed up Arsia Mons while constructing a secret base in cave networks below.

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