Published: Thu, November 01, 2018
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Heidi Klum hosts whacky New York Halloween party

Heidi Klum hosts whacky New York Halloween party

Check out Heidi Klum's Twitter feed to see how her Princess Fiona costume came together, but also to see some of her other incredible looks from parties earlier this month.

The model and former Project Runway host has made an art of show-stopping Halloween costumes each year, from her Jessica Rabbit jaw-dropper to her insect alter ego to that time she cloned herself. Some fans, however, did predict that she'd be one half of a "Shrek and Fiona" couple's costume with Kaulitz (with whom she went public back in May).

Last night, Klum threw her 19th annual star-studded Party at NY hot spot Tao, alongside her new boyfriend, Tom Kaulitz (who went as Shrek), and debuted her best costume yet.

Tom Kaulitz and Heidi Klum show up dressed as Shrek and Princess Fiona.

Padma Lakshmi, Dylan Sprouce and Zac Posen at Heidi Klum's 19th annual Halloween party. They brought the kids too. In an onion carriage, of course. A year ago she and a group of friends also did the whole "Thriller" dance at a Halloween party, further proving her dedication to the holiday. On Wednesday, October 31, she posted a series of videos letting followers in on the lengthy process, which included prosthetics and heavy green makeup.

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