Published: Fri, November 02, 2018
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Trump sparks outrage with ‘racist’ immigration ad ahead of midterm elections

Trump sparks outrage with ‘racist’ immigration ad ahead of midterm elections

"Vote Republican now!" the post demanded.

The ad centers on Luis Bracamontes, who was in the country illegally when he killed the officers in California and is now on death row, reports the Sacramento Bee.

Forty-seven percent of registered voters say President Donald Trump deserves credit for the United States' booming economy, according to a Harvard-Harris poll released Wednesday.

The Bracamontes video is one of at least two fear-based ad campaigns Trump has promoted on Twitter in recent days. He had been deported twice before his killing spree.

U.S. President Donald Trump faced scathing criticism on Thursday for an advertisement linking Democrats and immigrants to violent crime, with some fellow Republicans blasting it as "sickening" and the most racially divisive political ad in 3 decades.

There were some who supported Trump in sharing the ad, however.

The White House and the Trump campaign did not immediately respond to requests for comments as to who made or paid for the video or if any tax dollars were used to run it from the President's account.

In a first reaction, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez said the ad was a sign of desperation and suggested that Trump was losing the argument over health care that is at the center of the Democratic campaign. Jeff Flake said the ad "is just a new low in campaigning". Reporter for the Daily Wire, Ryan Saavedra tweeted that Democrats would "look like fools" if they appeared to be defending criminals like Bracamontes by attacking Trump over the ad.

The video stood in stark contrast to an ad circulated by the Trump campaign earlier in the week that highlighted rosy economic numbers and depicted gauzy scenes of American suburban life.

The previous year, Jessica Davis and Susan Oliver, the widows of Detective Michael Davis and Deputy Sheriff Danny Oliver, were invited to Mr Trump's address to Congress.

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