Published: Mon, November 05, 2018
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Apple Reportedly Halts Additional iPhone XR Production

Apple Reportedly Halts Additional iPhone XR Production

And this report flies in the face of some analysts predictions who see the iPhone XR becoming Apple's top-selling model.

"We believe Apple's slightly soft guidance reflects our recent view that Apple will reduce iPhone production", he wrote on Friday.

The company's decision to not expand production lines doesn't necessarily suggest problems. And as a result, Apple's suppliers have canceled plans to ramp up production of the device.

Foxcomm originally planned to use 60 production lines for the handset but will only use 45 now.

"For the Foxconn side, it first prepared almost 60 assembly lines for Apple's XR model, but recently uses only around 45 production lines as its top customer said it does not need to manufacture that many by now", an unnamed source leaked to Nikkei Asian Review.

Finally, Wistron, which had been waiting and hoping to join the iPhone XR assembly party to handle so-called "rush orders", no longer expects to get any business from Apple "this holiday season". As a result, Foxconn will build 100,000 fewer units every single day than would have happened under Apple's original order.

Apple had asked Wistron, one of its smaller manufacturing partners, to "stand by" in case iPhone XR demand exploded. For example, early this year they indicated that iPhone X had sold poorly over the holiday season.

In contrast, the iPhone XR's $750 starting price made it seem a relative bargain.

Suppliers of the 8 and 8 Plus have received a combined order of around 5 million more units.

If this all sounds familiar, you're probably thinking of the Apple iPhone 5C, which Apple launched five years ago.

The report follows Apple's decision last week to stop providing unit-sales figures in its quarterly earnings, making it even more hard going forward to determine individual unit success.

According to the report, Apple is now requesting more production of the older iPhone models including iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. During that call, Apple also - for the first time ever - neglected to give iPhone sales numbers for the quarter.

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