Published: Mon, November 05, 2018
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Fortnite x NFL Deal Allows Players To Add Uniforms, New Skins

Fortnite x NFL Deal Allows Players To Add Uniforms, New Skins

I floated, suspended in space, until being uncerimoniously dumped back to a Loot Lake with a new island in the middle.

"Fortnite" is a "battle royale" video game in which players are dropped onto a map and left to scavenge materials in order to battle each and attempt to survive.

That said, the collective response to the latest in-game event seems very positive, in fact, I would say the reaction hasn't been this positive to a live event since The Visitor.

And here's the event from the perspective of popular Twitch streamer Ninja.

The event began with the purple cub vanishing.

And a Matrix-like look using the game's replay mode. A flash of white launched players into a bright, but empty realm that was reminiscent of a wintry version of the Matrix. A butterfly was fluttering about in the realm and no one could make head or tail of what was happening. The Cube is the game's most recent source of mystery and lore.

The event also added "Lil' Kev" challenges for players to earn the Lil Kev Back Bling until Sunday, Nov. 11. After the end of Fortnitemares, there may also be some new changes to the game that will take players some time to find out.

The National Football League has partnered with Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, on a deal that will allow characters in the game to suit up in NFL uniforms starting this Friday, November 9. Warnings of "the cube is unstable" were sent to players logging in from other platforms.

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