Published: Mon, November 05, 2018

‘Saturday Night Live"s Laura Ingraham covers the migrant caravan in cold open"

‘Saturday Night Live

The sketch featured cast members playing Laura Ingraham and Jeanine Pirro as they rolled fake footage of the impoverished asylum-seekers.

McKinnon also poked fun of conservatives' attempts to defend President Trump's aggressive tone with regard to the caravan.

"What is?" asked McKinnon's Ingraham. But except for his words and actions throughout his life, how is he racist?

"All of a sudden, the term nationalist is bad", McKinnon's character said. "Guatemalans, Mexicans, ISIS, the Menendez brothers, the 1990 Detroit Pistons, Thanos, and several Babadooks". If that pacing sounds ridiculous, well, it's probably because he admits to receiving his info from the birds in Dumbo and uses "aerial footage" of running crabs as visual confirmation of the same.

"It makes nearly too much sense", she claimed. Strong's Pirro responded, before showing "clips" of the caravan that were actually clips from crowds rushing into stores on Black Friday and zombies attacking in the film "World War Z".

"Those are humans?" Ingraham asked.

Kenan Thompson then brought along his Sheriff David Clarke impression to add more fear factoring to the pile-on of these people, saying, "The caravan is only 800 miles from our border".

Later in the episode, "SNL" reached across the aisle to parody how liberals have been reacting to political news of late, as well, first with a midterm voting ad that expressed concerns over the Democrats being able to win some key races and simply asked viewers to vote "please?" on November 6, and then with a "political musical" ad that took aim at Caucasian theater actors who try to be woke by writing songs about border control, birth control and #MeToo. And they're holding the babies in until the exact moment they cross the border and then they're literally gonna drop anchor.

"Good evening, I'm Laura Ingraham", McKinnon said. Those tips included "never vote on Tuesdays" and "ballots can be confusing". "You might not remember, but you did".

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