Published: Tue, November 06, 2018
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Blizzard planned to announce Diablo 4, tease pulled at last minute

Blizzard planned to announce Diablo 4, tease pulled at last minute

However, according to two anonymous insiders who spoke to Kotaku, Blizzard originally planned on closing with an announcement for Diablo 4, but cut it from the opening ceremony at the eleventh hour. Blizzard Entertainment's sole Diablo announcement at the convention, revealing the mobile game Diablo Immortal, was met with vocal ire by portions of its fanbase, partially because the game simply wasn't the true sequel that fans had been hoping for - and, fans assumed, had been teased for months.

While we wait for more confirmed Diablo news, check out all of the news and trailers we saw at BlizzCon 2018.

Blizzard's original plan, Kotaku reports, was to show Diablo Immortal and follow it up with a video of Blizzard co-founder Allen Adham teasing Diablo 4.

The reactions could have been very different.

On 17 October, two weeks before BlizzCon, Blizzard put out a blog post that essentially told fans Diablo 4 was in the works but would not be at the show.

"I'm not against having a mobile game too, but not INSTEAD of a PC game, We've been waiting for far too long for another Diablo 3 expansion or better yet, Diablo 4", signed one petitioner.

Despite that, sources said, Blizzard was still looking to assure fans that Diablo 4 was in development, until those plans changed.

Activision Blizzard and NetEase didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.

Now, we've known for a while that other Diablo stuff is in development - Blizzard has said that at least a couple of times. Last Friday, Diablo III also came to the Nintendo Switch.

And now there's Diablo Immortal, which is still in development for smartphones. One of them is the game that fans are waiting for, and it was almost announced last week.

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